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Fixer 8x7,5mm - chalk green luster - horizontal...

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Still news '2020 the fantastic Fixer beads!! Pressed glass beads from the Czech Republic. They have a square shape, equipped with 4 holes and are available in two versions. With vertical holes or horizontal holes. Their inlet allows you to accommodate a cabochon to adapt it to an original and personalized setting. Have fun choosing your favorite colorway. The 5-gram packs contain about 13 beads.

Daghe 5x16mm - opaque red - 20 pieces

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Bohemian pressed glass dackers measure 5x16mm. The hole is located in the upper part of the bead. You can create delicious floral compositions with the weaving of beads thanks to their shape that resembles that of an elongated petal. Or they can be used as pendants or fringe endings.

kite 9x5mm – bead red- 5 grams

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Kites are double-hole beads in the shape of a small kite. Their size is 9x5mm, hole 0.7mm. They are pressed glass beads, and fit very well with all the new beads of modern generation. With this type of beads your projects will always be different and with increasingly innovative and original shapes. In a pack of 5gr. there are about 23 pieces.

Bridge 3x12mm - red lava - 5 grams

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NEWS 2020 BRIDGE BEADS!! Three-hole beads with a curved shape. These beads will allow you to give brand new and particular designs to your creations. Pressed glass beads from the Czech Republic. They are sold in packs of 5 grams (about 18 beads)

Wibeduo 8x8 - red lava- 20 pieces

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WIBEDUO beads are pressed glass beads and produced in the Czech Republic. They have a rhombus shape, the back part is flat while the upper part has a rounded shape. Two-hole beads, measuring 8x8mm, and fit very well with all other beads produced in the Czech Republic